The digital transition of outdoor advertising

The outdoor advertising market experienced impressive growth in 2023, largely driven by the explosive increase in Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) advertising. With a 24% increase in spend, DOOH has gained a dominant position, holding a 54% market share, making it larger than traditional outdoor advertising (OOH) for the first time (source: Outreach). This shift illustrates a clear trend: advertisers and brands are massively opting for the dynamic and flexible possibilities offered by DOOH.

At IM Lounge, we recognize the transition from traditional outdoor advertising to DOOH as a positive response to today’s technology and a way to keep ads outdoors fresh and engaging. This change has allowed DOOH to take a leading role in the outdoor advertising space. It’s a move that not only reflects the industry’s adaptability, but also its commitment to staying relevant and captivating in a digital age.

What is DOOH?

DOOH encompasses digital billboards and screens placed in public spaces, from city centers to transportation hubs and shopping malls. This digital variant of outdoor advertising allows for visually attractive, dynamic ads that can be updated and optimized in real-time.

Benefits of DOOH

The strength of DOOH lies in its ability to make brands stand out in an increasingly crowded advertising world. Some of the main advantages include:

  • Flexibility: Ads can be updated at any moment, making them more relevant and timely.
  • Engagement: Interactive capabilities and moving images attract more attention and increase engagement.
  • Targeting: Advanced technologies enable advertisers to more precisely reach their target audience.
  • Measurability: With DOOH, campaign performances are easier to measure, allowing advertisers to optimize their ROI.

Programmatic Buying of DOOH

Programmatic buying, the automatic purchasing of ad space using algorithms and data, has also penetrated the DOOH market. Although in 2023, 25% of DOOH purchases were made programmatically, a slight decrease from the previous year, it remains an essential strategy for efficiently and effectively reaching audiences.

Record Revenue in the Fourth Quarter of 2023

The fourth quarter of 2023 was a historic moment for the OOH market, with revenues reaching €95 million, a 14% increase compared to the same quarter in 2022. This record underscores the growing value and impact of DOOH in the advertising world.

The Future of DOOH

The future of DOOH looks bright with the introduction of BRO Next, a new research on DOOH advertising reach that will be launched later this year and will eventually integrate with the National Media Research (NMO). Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post where we’ll dive into the findings and implications of this research once published.

The value of DOOH for your media mix

Integrating Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) into the total media mix offers a dynamic way to bridge online and offline advertising, enhancing reach, engagement, and brand recall. DOOH complements online efforts by extending digital campaigns into the physical world, providing targeted real-world context and driving online actions through interactive elements like QR codes. It boosts the overall campaign impact through its attention-grabbing format, increases reach and frequency, and adds credibility to the brand. By connecting the online and offline consumer journey, DOOH ensures a cohesive advertising experience that leverages the best of both worlds, making it a crucial component in a comprehensive media strategy.

Eager to make your brand shine in the bustling world of outdoor spaces? DOOH is your ticket to captivating audiences like never before. Don’t miss out on this transformative journey. 

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