The Imminent Decline of Traditional TV Commercials: A Shift in the Advertising Landscape

In 2023, the landscape of television advertising in the Netherlands underwent significant shifts, reflecting both challenges and opportunities within the industry. While the fourth quarter showed signs of improvement, the overarching impact of the recession remained evident throughout the year. The number of advertisers have decreased over the past 7 years, which was naturally followed by a decrease in brands advertising, resulting in a decrease of 8% in tv commercials (Screenforce, 2024).

Factors such as stagnant economic growth and cautious consumer spending played a role in shaping these trends. However, the evolution of linear viewing habits emerged as a crucial aspect influencing the dynamics of TV advertising.

As we reflect on the trends observed in television advertising throughout 2023, it becomes evident that while the industry faced headwinds, it also showcased resilience and adaptability. However, the decline in overall TV viewership, particularly among younger demographics, underscores the need for innovation and integration of online video content. Moving forward, navigating the changing landscape of TV advertising will require a strategic approach that embraces digital transformation while leveraging the enduring strengths of television as a powerful marketing medium.

Find out how to effectively incorporate the power of TV commercials in your marketing strategy with Screenforce’s expert tips:

  1. Increase Brand Preference: Advertisements on linear TV or BVOD can boost brand preference by an average of 30%, making them effective platforms for advertisers
  2. Utilize longer commercials on TV: Longer commercials on TV capture more attention compared to social media, allowing for storytelling that aligns with brand messaging.
  3. Benefit from BVOD’s engaging format: BVOD offers a focused viewing experience, particularly on mobile devices, increasing viewer attention and brand engagement.
  4. Prioritize strong brand assets: strong audio logo’s for TV and distinctive visual elements for social media enhance brand recall, especially crucial for passive viewership.
  5. Target younger audiences effectively: despite declining linear TV usage among youth, well-crafted TV spots can capture their attention effectively, presenting opportunities for advertisers to engage this demographic.

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