Case: Pink Ribbon Lottery FTW

1 in 7 women will develop breast cancer. Pink Ribbon has set up a lottery especially for these women. The Pink Ribbon Lottery was created to be able to be present during the corona time and at the same time not to be dependent on restrictive measures. The aim of the Pink Ribbon Lottery is to raise as many funds as possible to finance projects and research into breast cancer. In addition, Pink Ribbon does everything it can to make life after breast cancer as pleasant as possible.


› Solution: the Lottery Campaign
The Pink Ribbon Lottery campaign is a conversion campaign with the goal to sell as many Pink Ribbon Lottery tickets as possible. The tickets cost € 2.50 per ticket and the prizes to be won were sponsored (no payment has been made for these prizes). The target group was mainly approached via Facebook and Instagram. The specific campaign focus was on women between 35-55 years old and so-called ‘look a likes’. These are target groups that have interacted with Pink Ribbon’s social media channels, or are similar to the group of donors who had donated to Pink Ribbon in the past 60 days. By using this targeting, we reached a target audience that was highly relevant to the Pink Ribbon Lottery.


› Result above expectations

The campaign results also showed that the targeting of the campaign worked; the campaign objective has been amply achieved. This was partly due to the interim optimization of the various components. As a result, the costs per conversion were 10% lower than the target. But the secondary objectives for awareness (+164%) and reach (+260%) have also been amply achieved.


It was remarkable that for this conversion campaign a GIF worked better than a still (non-animated image). We often see that a still works better for a conversion campaign, but that’s why we test all kinds of possibilities in campaigns without sticking to assumptions. The success of the GIF coupled with the lookalikes used to target relevant audiences contributed to the campaign’s objectives.


› Expertise:
Media strategy, Project management, Conversion tracking, Social advertising.

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