Dutch Social Media Usage Report – The ups and downs of 2023

For over a decade, Newcom has been at the forefront of studying the intricacies of the Dutch social media landscape. Just last week, they released their largest survey in the country yet, unveiling captivating insights into our social media use. We’ve gone through and summarized it for you.

How many people use Social Media in The Netherlands?

A staggering 14.3 million people in the Netherlands actively engage in social media, of the 18 million people in total. Collectively they spend nearly 2 hours daily in the digital realm. The dynamic 15 to 19 age group leads the charge, investing a whopping 168 minutes per day, equivalent to an average of 20 hours per week!

How much do we use Social Media

We use 4 social media platforms per day. The 20-39 age group uses the most platforms, averaging 6 pps. WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn stand tall as the ‘Big Five’, with WhatsApp boasting 13.4 million users, covers almost everyone on social media in the Netherlands!

The Ups
Despite X being the least used platform so far, it witnesses a remarkable surge of 22% and gains 240,000 daily users. This all while its rival Threads faces a setback with a decline of 400,000 users, coupled with a 41% user dissatisfaction rate and intentions to discontinue usage.

The downs

Trends from the past are reshaping, as last year’s sensation, BeReal, experiences a 25% drop in daily users among teens and 20-somethings. Snapchat and TikTok remain popular within these age groups. However, Snapchat has seen a decline of 70,000 users, a 3% drop since last year. Snap is also experiencing less demand for ad serving. The company is addressing this by cutting 540 jobs worldwide and discontinuing projects no longer seen as priorities, as reported in nu.nl.

The threath to your health because of social media

Unveiling the human side of social media, 6.3 million Dutch citizens perceive it as a threat to mental well-being, impacting the happiness levels of 2 million individuals. Many reported feeling like they were missing something in their lives. As a result, more than 4 million people sometimes contemplate quitting social media. The study also reveals that the generations most engaged with social media, particularly millennials between the ages of 29 and 44, are less happy because of its use. Gen Z is a close second, with a 0.1% lower dissatisfaction rate.

With everything mentioned above, social media is a dynamic, fast-changing environment requiring expertise to keep up, and that’s where we come in.

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