Introducing our newest member: Yael Vink

Let us introduce you to our newest member of the › IM Lounge team:

Yael Vink:

“Hey everyone!

I am Yael Vink and am finishing up my masters in persuasive communication at the UvA. I have recently handed in my thesis and now have the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience by following an internship at Ace‘s › IM Lounge. This creates an opportunity to gain practical skills and confidence to enter the professional workforce within the communication sector.

I am excited to develop not only my work skills but also myself as a person within this internship. Beyond my work and studies, I love to cook, bake, spend time with family and friends, and have a passion for fashion. I am looking forward to entering a new stage in life and starting my professional journey here. Best, Yael.”

Welcome to the team, Yael!

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