New Tourist campaign live for EBS

After more than two years, tourists are able to travel to the Amsterdam again! Localbus is a bus from EBS that allows tourists to discover the Amsterdam countryside. For just €12,50, you are able to discover 3 routes that they’ve mapped out beforehand. Time for getting the word out with a targeted campaign!


The campaign is primarily focused on (inter)national tourists and visitors of the metropolitan area of Amsterdam. To reach this audience, we’ve used Facebook and Instagram as our main channels, because this platform has the most detailed / sophisticated targeting options. Paired with an always-on campaign on Google Search, we’ve ensured that this campaign is always visible to the public eye.


Jasper Vermeer, Manager Sales Marketing Communication at EBS Public Transportation: “Thanks for the contribution of you and your team Arno! Before corona, › IM Lounge was able to optimize the media effort for EBS every year. It’s great that we can now continue with this together!”


Here’s a brief description from Localbus themselves: “Discover the country side of Amsterdam – Head out into the Dutch countryside on one of Holland’s loveliest bus routes. In no time at all, you’ll find yourself riding along century-old dikes, eating pancakes in tiny villages, or boating past the stately homes of the rich and famous of 17th century Holland. We’ve mapped out a few inspiring tours – but feel free to create your own local experience!”


The campaign and website are available in three languages: English, Italian and Spanish and runs from June to September.

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