Social Media insights: Video vs. Carrousels ads

What works best? Video vs Carrousels ads? In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, a critical question often surfaces: How can we convey substantial information within a social post without redirecting traffic to our website? Everyone’s top choices are carousels and video ads, but which format is better when it comes to information dissemination?

The Challenge: Inadequate Insights into Carousel Performance

Navigating the nuances of information dissemination proves challenging, especially concerning carousels. While videos provide insights through metrics like 100% viewed impressions, carousels miss vital details, leaving us yearning for comparable measures.

The Strategic Approach: Quantifying Carousel Impact Through CTR

However, there is a strategic workaround for this. By carefully estimating impressions per carousel card, leveraging clicks and Click-Through Rates (CTR), a more nuanced understanding of performance can be derived. This approach allows informed comparisons with video results, spotlighting where engagement changes.

Our Case in Point: Carousels Seize Attention

Recently we’ve conducted an A/B test, spotlighting a colon cancer post, which ended up yielding compelling results. 

The carousel, amassing over 1 million impressions, boasted a 0.59% CTR. A conservative estimate indicates that more than 75,000 impressions engaged comprehensively with the carousel, constituting a noteworthy 7.4% of total impressions.

Conversely, the video amassed 1.7 million impressions, with only 1.3% viewing it to completion. Even when considering “video viewed to 75%,” this figure lagged behind the carousel at 3.8%.

In conclusion: Carousels outperform

In summary, the evidence resoundingly favors carousels. They not only capture more attention, but also channel traffic to your website, marking a dual triumph for this format.

So creatives and marketeers, when planning your next digital campaign, consider harnessing the power of carousels. Their efficacy in conveying information and captivating audience attention stands unmatched.

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