Improving outdoor advertising strategy with research

Outdoor advertising research has gained a significant update with BRO Next, a transformative research methodology that dramatically improves how we measure and interact with public advertisements. This method updates our understanding of who sees outdoor ads and why, by combining modern technology with detailed environmental data.

What is BRO Next?

BRO Next is a new research methodology developed under the guidance of Dutch organization JIC BRO (Dutch: Buitenreclame Onderzoek), designed to provide detailed insights into the reach of more than 60,000 advertising units across the Netherlands. This includes, for the first time, digital objects which are now being tracked on an hourly basis.

Four cornerstones of BRO Next 

BRO Next is built on four key components that together create a comprehensive view of how outdoor advertising reaches its audience:

  1. Movement Volumes: This tracks the traffic flow across various transport methods such as cars, bicycles, pedestrians, and public transit, capturing the overall movement of Dutch residents aged 13 and older from a wide range of validated data sources.
  2. Individual Movement Tracking via App: An app records outdoor movements of at least 7,000 individuals monthly, providing detailed data on who passes by advertising objects and the extent of their exposure.
  3. Classification of Objects: This involves detailed cataloging of 60,000 advertising objects located in various public spaces, recording specifics like location, dimensions, and visibility factors.
  4. Visibility Analysis (VAC): Employing eye-tracking technology, this measures how likely it is for passersby to notice the advertising objects, enhancing understanding of ad effectiveness.

BRO Next goes beyond traditional methods by integrating these four components into a unified system that informs ad placement and effectiveness. The innovations introduced in BRO Next allow advertisers to dynamically tailor their strategies to match real-time data, making outdoor advertising more responsive and effective.

Cross-media integration

The data from BRO Next contributes to the cross-media datasets of the National Media Research (NMO), blending outdoor advertising data with insights from other media channels. This new approach allows for precise targeting and adjustment of campaigns based on detailed, real-time data, enabling advertisers to reach their desired audiences more effectively. Moreover, since April 15, new DOOH reach data is available for the market, further enhancing advertising strategies.

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