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Why your company should transition to Google Consent mode v2

In the rapidly changing digital landscape, staying ahead of privacy updates and technologies like server-side tagging is crucial for enhancing user data privacy and security. Google's latest update, Consent Mode version 2 (v2), is essential for businesses to implement before March 2024, providing an advanced...

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Introducing our newest member: Yael Vink

Let us introduce you to our newest member of the › IM Lounge team: Yael Vink: “Hey everyone!I am Yael Vink and am finishing up my masters in persuasive communication at the UvA. I have recently handed in my thesis and now have the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience by following...

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Dopamine Driven Marketing: 5 strategies

The Dual Nature of Dopamine Dopamine can be triggered by both short-term and long-term experiences. Short-term triggers, like limited-time offers or engaging social media content, provide instant gratification. However, for lasting brand loyalty, it's essential to focus on long-term dopamine triggers. This includes providing value, creating...

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