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How is your online presence? From website, organic findability to the use of social media channels.

We map out where optimization opportunities lie. We check over 300 points on your website. Is everything in tune with the various target groups that visit your website? Does the site match your social media. Is there any interaction with your posts on your social media channels and are you found organically in Google?


Below are three of our standard scans. Get in touch to see how our scans can benefit your organization. Also interesting if you are already working with a media agency.


Where are the areas of improvement on your website?

With our website scan we analyze whether your website matches the customer journey of your visitors. From inspirational visitors to loyal customers; does each page have a clear conversion goal that suits these visitors. And, how many steps are needed to achieve this conversion, does the site connect to other channels such as social media? We look at the performance on various devices. And we do this on the basis of over 300 checks.


We map out the areas for improvement and score them on the level of difficulty and urgency, enabling you to optimize the user experience of your website immediately.


How good is the engagement on your social channels?

Are they optimally set up? Are you creating and sharing the right content? How do visitors of your social channels interact with your messages? We analyze this in the Social Media scan!


We share a complete report with the status of your social media channels, where there is room for improvement and how you can tackle improvements. So not only a report with results, but also with a plan of action!


Want to be found at the top of Google?

With our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy you will be found organically by your target audience on the searches that are relevant to you.

Where do your SEO challenges start and what do you need to focus on to make big improvements? That is what we analyze for you with our SEO scan!