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Offline media is the perfect tool for reaching a wide audience.

This can be done for example through TV or radio. But can also be done locally outdoor or right in the middle of a target group through specific magazines. Or through creative media, such as projections and reverse graffiti. What approach suits your brand? You can see our approach to ‘Traditional Offline Media’ and some creative ‘Special Media’ below. Feel free to ask one of our Media Consultants for advice on the best choice!



More than two million people watch the eight o’clock news each and every day. With a TV ad in the middle of the news, you reach a huge number of people in one big swoop. With our knowledge, we can determine the best strategy for your ad. Each channel has a different target audience, and with our expertise we can match your ad to the right channel. Also, with our connections we can buy airtime at a low cost which is beneficial for both parties. Get an expert opinion and start now!


People listen to the radio every day. During the traffic jam to work, in the supermarket while shopping or while cleaning at home, the radio is always on. Radio has a large and direct reach. Depending on the campaign, we can use regional or national radio. We always think from the perspective of the target group to find out which channels suit a campaign. Want to know more about radio? Feel free to contact us!


Increase brand awareness with a print ad in a magazine or newspaper. This form of advertisement is very effective because these ads are typically less irritating than online ads. People are more open to reading print ads so there is a high attention value. Print is also perceived as trustworthy which makes people take it in more.

Whether you have a business to business or business to consumer target audience, this type of ad is suitable for almost all audiences. Consult with us about the purpose of the advertisement and which target group you want to reach. Together we will get the most out of your print ad.


Make an impact starts on the street with Outdoor advertising, also called Out of Home or OOH. Reach many people in different places. Make it custom with Digital Out Of Home (DOOH), where specific places, times of day and rapidly changing messages are possible. Even responding to the weather is possible!

We offer numerous possibilities for Outdoor advertising, such as an abri, billboard, Ao sign or a digital advertising mast.

We have a suitable solution for every budget. Curious about what we can do for you? Give us a call!


Street marketing

Street Marketing is a form of marketing whereby you promote products or services in public places. The goal of street marketing is to make people remember the brand or product in a different way than they are normally used to. As a result, this form of marketing creates more visibility and brand awareness.


A sustainable form of street marketing is reverse graffiti. Two options are available here; the clean spray version or natural chalk. By spraying the sidewalk clean with a pressure washer or with natural chalk, any message can be displayed. Another form is moss advertising. By making a billboard out of moss you can create an eye-catching expression.  Promote your brand on the street.


Want to know more about street marketing? Feel free to contact us!

Mobile Billboards

Strongly emerging are the mobile billboards. Mobile billboards are billboards on the back of a car or bike. These billboards are suitable for brand activation and events. You can find these boards all over the cities and villages.

We have a suitable solution for every budget. Curious to find out what we can do for you? Give us a call! Together we can come up with a nice campaign for the streets.


A hologram is a three-dimensional image made with light, sometimes in the form of lasers. The hologram is a fairly new way of communicating. A unique way to make your company stand out amongst all the other companies. For example by placing a hologram in a place where the target group can often be found. Together we can make a plan to get the best result.

Gebouw projecties

Project your brand onto buildings. This makes your advertising/brand stand out immediately. Projections increase brand awareness and exposure. This form of marketing works best in the winter because it is more visible in the dark. Want to know if this is suitable for your campaign? Ask us!