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Due to the many targeting possibilities, online media is perfectly suited to reach your specific target audience and stimulate them to take action.

We take care of all the components. From brand visibility and reaching your target audience at the right time, to conversion and optimal ROAS. Check out our online approach to various online media opportunities below. What is your goal? Let’s start with a no-strings-attached introduction! Get in touch with us to see how we can use online media to reach your organizational goals!

Search Engine Marketing

SEM or Search Engine Marketing means making your website as visible as possible on search engines. This can be done by purchasing advertising space for relevant search terms (SEA) or by optimizing the website (SEO). This makes the website easier to find through the natural (organic)/ unpaid search results.


We have developed an in-house method that can be used for many types of clients. Want to know how to get to the top of search engines? Get in touch with us!

Google Grants

With a Google Grants account, Google quite literally grants your non-profit organization $10,000 Google Ads budget each month for the charity of your choice!

For charities with a ANBI or CBF certification, it is possible to get sponsored by Google with a free ad budget. Want to know more about Google Grants? Give us a call!

Social Media Marketing

The continuously growing number of social media platforms offers you the opportunity to get in touch with your target audience in a personal way. Both in consumer and business environments. Each platform offers extensive opportunities to get in touch with your audience. Everything from relevant content to targeted advertisements.


Based on your goals, we draw up an ideal content or media strategy. Want to know how you can make social media work for you? Get in touch with us!


Whether it is a branding campaign for a new brand or a performance campaign with retargeting, we have the right knowledge for each objective.


We are experts in Display Advertising, from premium partnerships to programmatic deployment. Want to know more? Connect with us!

E-mail Marketing Automation

Reach your existing customers or prospects through email marketing. Send a personal email on your subscriber’s birthday or bring them up to date with the latest news about your company.


So, from newsletter to automated message through Email Marketing Automation, we have a plan for you too!


Advertising in podcasts can get you more attention from your target audience. This way of advertising is incredibly effective because you get the full attention of the listeners. Bring your brand to the attention of the podcast listening audience in the Netherlands. Always in the right ear.

Influencer Marketing

Do you want to work with influential people who can get your message across on a large scale? Through our network of influencers we match your company with a suitable influencer. Influencer Marketing gives your company more brand awareness and boosts sales and reach.


We have a large list of connections. From financial influencers to housing gurus. Which one is the right fit for you? Ask us!

Video Advertising

Make your company’s story come to life in Video Advertising. With Video advertising, you can choose to have your video play before another video on YouTube (in-video) or use a standalone video.

Effect measurement is also possible with the use of a ‘Brand Uplift Study’.  Want to know more about video campaigns? Ask us!


36% of all purchases of Dutch consumers take place online. Therefore, it is not surprising that people make more and more use of a marketplace. A marketplace is an e-commerce platform where external sellers place their assortment and try to sell it. Think of platforms such as Marktplaats, Bol.com and Facebook marketplace. Would you like to be seen on the e-commerce platforms with an advertisement? Send us a message.


Google shopping is a great way to showcase your products. Use our expertise in creating Google ads. Often times the customer journey starts here. Would you like to make a start? Get in touch.