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A Google Ad Grant is a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity from Google. This activity gives charities a free $10,000 Google ad budget each month to advertise on Google.


Check the following items for more information and also look at the special offer for Techsoup Partners!

Who is google grant for?

Your organization is eligible for a Google Grant if you have an SBBI status, ANBI status or a CBF certificate. None of these certifications yet? Take a look at the site of the tax authorities for the possibilities for your organization.

If you do not have any certification yet, we can draw up a statement of purpose. Chances are that this statement can also qualify you.


There are parties that are not eligible for a Google Grant. Parties such as: government agencies and institutions, hospitals, medical groups, schools, academic institutions and universities. Philanthropic branches of educational institutions do qualify. Not sure which branch you belong to? Ask us!

Why advertise on Google?

It has a number of advantages to advertise your charity on Google. It ensures a top position on Google and you will be better found on important keywords. It also increases your website visitors and the number of members and/or sponsors. And you get more attention for your charity, museum, foundation or association. Which is, of course, the most important thing. Do you have questions about this? Please contact us!

What do we do for you?

We apply for the Google Grant and set up the Google Grants account.
Then we set up the measurability and create a new campaign and ad groups. We also fill in this campaign, with the content provided by you. Once the campaign has started we will send you a dashboard. This dashboard shows the most important statistics and performances and is available 24/7. Would you like more information about this? Just give us a call!


Normally, a Google Grant application and set-up costs €875. But Techsoup partners benefit from a €200 discount. Therefore, it is €675 for you. This discount is a one time offer. We also use No-cure, No Pay: if the Google Grant is not granted, there will be no costs for your organization!



After a successful application, you can get started yourself ( optionally with the Training with discount for Techsoup partners), or you can outsource it to us. We have 2 packages (A & B) which are from €75 per month.

Package A consists of refining and optimizing keywords and creating an ad with extensions. Package B consists of refining and optimizing keywords, creating an ad with extensions. With package B you have the possibility of additional campaigns with extensions, conversions and maintenance of the dashboard. Would you like more information about the prices? Just give us a call!

Application steps and processing time

The average processing time for a Google Grant application is 10 business days. The reason for this is that there are a number of things that need to happen.

First, we create a Techsoup profile and apply for a Techsoup token. Then we create a Google for Nonprofits account and a GoogleAd account. After that, we can apply for a Google Grant.


Each step requires different information. Through IM Lounge’s intake roadmap, you can see exactly when what information is needed from your organization.

After the application, we will set up an optimal account for your organization, so you can get a flying start! Want to know more? Get in touch with us!

Why IM Lounge for Non profits?

The Google Grant application and maintenance can be a time consuming process. We specialize in this process. IM Lounge does the entire Google Grant application, ad account set up and keyword selection. Hand over the Google Grant application and set up and let us get the most out of your Google Grant!